API terms of use

Article 1. Definitions

API : refers to a programming interface provided by Societe Generale to enable you to access and use services and content from banking activities.

API content : refers to data or information delivered by a specific API available on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API".

API service : refers to a service and/or function accessible through a specific API available on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API".

Application : refers to a website and/or a software application (regardless of development degree) that you have own and used and/or developed to access and/or use API services.

Sandbox : refers to a test environment which contains falsified, obfuscated, encrypted and/or incorrect data provided by Societe Generale to bring you tooling for your application development.

User(s) : any person or legal entity using an API to access the Services through IT networks.

Quota(s) : restriction on APIs usage depending on the selected subscription. A restriction can concern simultaneous API requests or for a given period.

Article 2. Purpose

These terms of use are intended to define how Users can access and can use the APIs provided by Société Générale.

Article 3. Contract documents

Scope which regulates APIs use and their access is composed by the following contractual lines in order of priority:

  • These terms of use
  • The developer guideline. This guideline is accessible on our page API guideline for developers and describes the global technical characteristics for all APIs provided by Societe Generale
  • Interface contract of each API which describes usage conditions (eg. inputs and outputs parameters)

To use APIs provided by Société Générale the User has to accept terms and conditions during his account creation or a subscription selection.

At any time Societe Generale can modify all or a part of the terms of use to take into account any legal, jurisprudential, editorial and / or technical developments.

Changes from terms of use will be notified to the User by email (at the referenced User account address). New Terms have to be accepted by the User before any transaction on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API".

Any new version of terms of use is applicable to APIs available on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" and make the previous ones deprecated.

Article 4. Use and access to services

The User browses the APIs catalog and finds the one that corresponds to his needs. A dedicated API documentation is available.

Section 4.01 - Account creation

To access to available APIs on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" it is necessary to create a User account by filling out a registration form. When a User Account is created and used by a person which is acting behalf a company, he declares and guarantees to have authority and capacity to represent and engage this company under the present terms of use.

The User agrees to provide up-to-date information from the registration process. In case of inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, misleading or misleading information Societe Generale immediately may suspend or terminate access to "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" without notice or compensation and temporarily / permanently deny access to all or a part of the APIs.

The User is the only one responsible for any activity carried out from his account.

Section 4.02 - Plan Selection and subscription

Depending on his need the user chooses a subscription based on the number of calls from his application capabilities. Some subscriptions are free and no approval is required. Others require approval and a contract.

Each subscription terms are specified in a contract between the User and Societe Generale.

Section 4.03 - Granted rights for user / Restrictions on use

Any use and access to API Content and Services have to be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions defined in th present Article 3. Any other use requires a prior agreement from Societe Generale.

The User:

  • Prohibits any action that may cause prejudice to Société Générale and / or other users
  • Prohibits any use of "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" services or contents contrary to laws and / or violating third party rights, including intellectual property rights and / or confidentiality right.
  • Must not corrupt or interfere API operations, Services and Content, or use the APIs in any way to harm other Users, Third Parties or Societe Generale
  • Must not get around concepts implemented by Societe Generale to guarantee the API access security, Content and API Services and their operations
  • Prohibits the use of any means to get around authentication processes implemented by Societe Generale
  • Is not authorized to rebuild all or part of APIs, Content and Services on which no rights are granted
  • Must not override / get around or attempt to override / get around quotas and usage restrictions setted by Societe Generale in accordance with the subscribed API
  • Must not encourage or allow abusive behavior related to API usage provided by Societe Generale
  • Must not encourage, permit or require introduction of viruses, malwares, ransomwares, spywares or any other destructive elements for APIs, data, software and physical platforms, users, employees and customers of Societe Generale.
  • At any time Societe Generale can partially or totally interrupt access to "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API", APIs Contents and Services in case of violation of the terms of use without Societe Generale liability. Societe Generale can suspend access to APIs for a User if he does not respect conditions of the present Article 3 or if his behavior affects accessibility, availability, maintenance or operation of the Societe Generale IT system.

In order to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, Societe Generale can automatically remove special characters from HTTP(S) requests. You will find standards and characteristics for APIs provided by Societe Generale, on our page API guideline for developers.

Article 5. Costs of use

The API cost of use depends on the User subscription:

  • Societe Generale APIs with a Sandbox level are free to use and allow access without limitation of calls or duration for all test data (non-production environment)
  • Societe Generale APIs with a Basic level is free to use but limited and allows access to all our real data (production environment). Limitation concerns the number of calls to Societe Generale APIs over a time period (eg. 10,000 requests per day)
  • The Live level allows unlimited access of Societe Generale APIs with real data (production environment). This level is subject of a contract between the User and Societe Generale and will be invoiced according to the subscription rates

Article 6. Content ownership on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API"

All information, data or documents provided on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" as well as all API Content and Services are either the property of Societe Generale or are subject of a license agreement for the benefit of Societe Generale.

Societe Generale's brands and logos on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" are protected. Any total or partial reproduction / representation of these brands or these logos, alone or integrated with other elements, without the Societe Generale prior authorization is prohibited, and would incur User's responsibility about Intellectual property.

All accessible data from APIs are the exclusive property of Societe Generale. However Users are authorized to download, print and use these data for a internal and personal usage. Any other use of these data is strictly prohibited without the written Societe Generale consent, in particular:

  • Any commercial use
  • Any financial instrument or benchmark making for external use or for third party benefits
  • Any copy / distribution / marketing / exploitation or use with or for third party benefits

Article 7. Personal data privacy

Personal data are processed for APIs usage in accordance with regulations and as mentioned on our Data privacy page.

Article 8. Liability / Warranties

Section 8.1

It is noticed that Societe Generale has no control over the User's management of his personal or collected data and can not be responsible in any way for these data under the exclusive User responsibility.

Societe Generale can not be responsible for any error(s), negligence, failure(s) or omission(s) caused by usage and access by the User to "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API", or lack of availability of APIs, Contens and API Services.

Any unauthorized exploitation of the "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" platform, APIs, Contents and API Services, as well as disclosed information and data can engage User responsibility.

Section 8.2

Unless otherwise required by law, Societe Generale can not be engaged about liability for any directly or indirectly damage related to usage and access to APIs or the "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" platform.

The "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Societe Generale agrees to reasonably provide continued access to his platform and APIs, through terms of use compliancy.

Societe Generale will make all possible effort to notify the User in case of technical failure and access interruptions (maintenance, technical / telecommunication or network difficulties) without engaging on a delay. Consequently, Societe Generale can not be responsible for any unavailability, slowdown, suspension or lack of access to APIs, Contents and API Services.

Article 9. Duration and termination

APIs are provided by Societe generale and made available on "SOCIETE GENERALE | SG OPEN API" for an indefinite period.

The User acknowledges that Societe Generale has the right to close:

  • Subject to notification by e-mail at least 15 days before
  • Or without notice, neither indemnity or justification, APIs access in case of contractual documents violation listed in article 3

Societe Generale can restrict and disable the use or access to APIs, Contents and API Services if the User has been inactive for 60 days consecutive period. The User will be notified by email at least 15 days before.

Moreover, the User can stop to use an API at any time and close his account.

Article 10. Applicable law

Terms are subject to the French law.

Given the nature of their exchanges and in particular the User and Société Générale dematerialized relationship, it is agreed that all the Societe Generale IT recordings will, in the event of litigation, proof value.

In the event of a dispute over the validity, performance or interpretation of the terms of use, parties undertake to diligently cooperate in good faith with to find an agreement. Failing agreement and for any dispute, the Court of Appeal of Paris (France) is the only one competent to make and apply any decision.